Ocean Pods
Aquacultured Copepods for the Hobbyist

Ocean Pods is a unique product for the hobbyist. It is a combination of 3 species of copepods for starting or restocking your live rock copepod populations.

Ocean Pods are 100% aquacultured copepods that have been field-tested with multiple species of fish and invertebrates to ensure that there are not harmful interactions with your tank inhabitants.

They can be added directly to your tank and make a great live food for mandarin gobies, seahorses, pipefish, yellow tangs, clownfish, scooter blennies, corals, ornamental shrimp and many more species enjoyed by reef enthusiasts



Ask the Expert: Dr. Adelaide Rhodes is a world recognized expert on copepods and will be happy to answer your questions about them. She can be reached by email at adelaide@essentiallivefeeds.com.
More information on other projects being developed by Adelaide can be found on other pages at the Essential Live Feeds website.